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What is Grovestock?

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Why Groovestock? Because we believe in strengthening community through creativity. We seek to empower each other through collaboration in all aspects of Music, Art, and Self Expression. We are dedicated to build a place where people can Be Free. Free to Dance, Laugh, Meditate, Realize, Explore, Create, and Thrive on enjoying both the little things and the big.     

Grovestock will provide an aspect of life never seen before in the Roaring Fork Valley, giving locals a place to show off their unique talents performing music, making cuisine, building, painting, performing, the list is endless.  We want our community to gather for a multitude of blissful days and nights in an event like nothing else before. 

Grovestock is founded around local and regional artist performances to excite the evolution of community arts. This festival will provide a transformative space for people to connect in an exceptional way because gathering to share the joy of music, art, community and culture is an essential part of being human. 

Why Grovestock?

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Grovestock is about redefining Ritual as Essential Tradition, so as to embody the Joy of Living by sharing Music, Art, Community and Culture, the cornerstone values of Echo-Terra. Grovestock Festival is a unique interactive event that offers a variety of entertainment, food, art and gathering centers. Our theme"If you can make it” exemplifies the purpose; to show up, to create and perform, to teach and learn and experience together. This is an event for the Roaring Fork Valley, which extends an invitation to the larger Colorado community and beyond. 

Our motto is “build it and they will come” which is what we do, therefor we invite a bring it and build it mentality. Ours is an open door policy for you to come and contribute to the festival. Volunteer, setup your art installation or perform your live art. We want everyone to be astonished and inspired by human talent and ability. Musicians and DJ’s will perform through the day and night. Art exhibits focus on creating spaces for attendees to observe, create, and interact. Vendors will provide cuisine and unique crafts. Artists and vendors will be able to showcase and sell their craft after completing an application process.

Attendees are encouraged to camp for each night, both creating and imbibing the community and culture of the festival. 


Join The Grovestock Community

Interested in participating beyond attending? Sign up now!

 Art and Workshop Creators, Performing Musicians, Vendors or Volunteer, Look Here!


Register as a member at and complete the application corresponding to your interest, whether you are a musician, artists, vendor or volunteer. You will be automatically added to our mailing list. 

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