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Grovestock Festival 2022
at Sunlight

Thank you for your feedback! We value your experience. We believe that both positive and negative feedback will be constructive. We are excited to build from the latest, into the new, as we grow and learn together. Echo-Terra and Grovestock Festival are focused on creating a vibe than everyone can enjoy. It is absolutely essential that the community is involved. Thanks for taking the time to give us your review because it helps us prepare and create a better experience in the future. 

Before you wrap it up, please take a moment to consider any of the following topics, incase you have anything else you would like to add. Every little note helps. Don't be afraid to give us constructive criticism, it helps us improve.
*Over-All Experience
*Interested for next year?
*Best & Worst?
*Anything Else? 

Please add to your comments if anything in this list makes you think of something. We really appreciate your feedback and we are looking forward to Grovestock 2023! Thanks for joining us. 

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