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Do you want to attend the festival for FREE in exchange by lending your help and being an essential part of the community? We are looking for volunteers to help us build art projects, setup facilities, take tickets, collect trash, manage parking and more. Positions may vary depending on the event. All volunteers will be compensated with a complimentary ticket to the event depending on their contribution and of course, great memories to go with it! JOIN US!


Please note that we may ask you to help out in a variety of  ways. Let us know if you have any physical limitations. For bigger events, a complimentary ticket will be given to volunteers who help for a minimum amount of hours/days which may include a combination of setup up time, active festival time and or break down time. A discounted ticket may be available to volunteers who help out for less than the minimum time required for a complimentary ticket, and depends upon your contribution. We value your help immensely, our next event will not be the same without you!

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